Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Memories, in the corner of my mind...

It's not easy to up and decide to try something new when there's a gazillion things in the world to try, so it's nice when someone drops a new experience right in front of you and asks you to have a go with it.

I had such an opportunity two weeks ago when I visited my family in Colorado. My aunt and uncle are regulars when it comes to outdoor activities, and they kindly invited me to engage in one of their favorite recreational pastimes: kayaking. I. Loved. It.
At their leading, I found myself in the middle of the Rocky Mountains staring down one of the nations largest peaks, surrounded by crisp, semi calm water, an oar in my hand, and one of the most peaceful landscapes I've ever laid my eyes on. How can you not love kayaking when your first experience was in the middle of the Rockies?! (The only way is to be a 14 month old who is wearing a life jacket for the first time and hating it...this was the case for my poor cousin and her toddler. Screaming commenced almost immediately, remedied, of course, by shoring up and removing the vile restraint.)

I was surprised at how easy it was to move around using pieces of rubber on the ends of a stick that you tip up and down while you pull water behind your craft. And while it does require a great deal of upper body strength, I can't say that I was tired quickly nor sore from the constant movement. That was surprising to me given that we were near 10,000 feet above sea level. I thought I would at least be huffin' and puffin' due to the lack of oxygen.

We spent a good portion of the morning enjoying the expanse that was intricately designed for our human enjoyment before packing up and trekking back towards Denver to have another jaw dropping experience: A live performance of Sarah McLachlan at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

The show was INCREDIBLE! One the best I've ever experienced. She had the Colorado Symphony backing her, and I tell you, mixed with the best acoustics known to man kind, I may as well have been teleported into heaven for two hours. It was made even better getting to see such a beautiful show with my family. It's not everyday they invite you to visit just to go share moments like that with them. Take the invitations when you can! (For the record, I look forward to the day Everly plays at that venue. It is breathtaking....and not just because it's at 6,000 feet above sea level. Hehe.)

The best part of all of this is that I now have a new activity to share with others that I know and love. This is one of my favorite things about trying something new. Suddenly you can find another way to enjoy life with the people you care about. Plus, I now have all of these wonderful memories with those cherished people. Now get out there and make some memories of your own! :)


Juls said...

I just love kayaking! I used to do it every summer until I turned 16! I still do it, but it's not as fun alone. Anyway, I think I'll try something new this summer! I already started to learn the guitar (okay, I did that twice before and never continued, but this time I think I'll really learn it!).
Thanks for sharing!

Allison said...

I'm sure kayaking is great!! I made my own memories when I was in Canada last year. Best moments EVER!! I'm goint to make new ones in Martinique, in Dominica, Saint-Lucia this summer lol. You're right, we need moments like that.