Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Traveling 101

We all do it at least one time in our that is. Whether it is a camping trip, a visit to a foreign country, or just to see your grandparents, the majority of us have had to travel from our homes to some location that we don't reside.

Truth be told, I rather like traveling. I love meeting new people and seeing places that I don't get to see on a regular basis. I've done it a lot in my life and have learned a few things that I'd like to share with you.


1. Roll. Your. Clothes. 
          Gives. You. Space. For. More. Shoes. 

2. Seriously. Always pack a snack
    You never know when you'll be stuck somewhere longer than you thought without food nearby. 

3. Make sure your iPod
              MP3 player
      laptop, netbook, iPad
            or old fashioned CD player has a fresh charge (or batteries).
                         And don't forget to pack your charger for said device(s)...

4. Invest in the travel size containers. 
            You know, for hair products, toothpaste, body wash, etc... 
And you can now use reusable quart-sized zip top bags for your   
precious products when going through TSA security.


5. Put a scented sachet, fabric softener, or cedar block in your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh! 

OH! And bring a sack or bag for your dirty clothes.

By Air

1. Dress for the security check. You can always stash those cute bangles and sexy boots in your carry on and change once you make it through security. Everyone will thank you for it.

2. Sign up for email/text notifications with the airline. Just in case they change your gate, or delay your flight, or any of those things that NEVER happen... note the sarcasm.

3. Always have gum.  This is for the greater benefit of your fellow passengers. :)

4. Think ahead. 
About your snacks and entertainment.
About your next flight. 
About needing to use the potty. 

5. Be Considerate. No one really wants to share the tiny space they paid hundreds of dollars for, but like you, they need to get somewhere important to them. Find out their story. Share yours. Make it fun.

By Car (or bus...or train, I suppose, as well...)  

1. Put together some killer road mix tunes. 
(Or have your friends make some for you. I had my friends do this for my cross country road trip a couple of years ago. It. Was. AWESOME.)

2. For real. Load up on the water and snacks.

3. Give yourself time to stop at that random place you keep seeing signs for.  

4. Stay with friends, family, or campsites. 
You'll save soooo much money. Reserve hotels for when you absolutely MUST. Unless you have the cash for the hotels...then do the hotels.  

5. Put a road trip blog together and blog it out! 
This helps keep tabs on you for safety plus it lets everyone else in on the adventure! 

I could write sooo much more, but these are some of things that I consider when traveling by air or by car. The most important things to know are: where you're going, how to be as safe as you possibly can, and to HAVE FUN!



Melissa said...

2. Seriously. Always pack a snack.
You never know when you'll be stuck somewhere longer than you thought without food nearby.

I wish I'd done that in 2004 when I was stuck in NYC for ten hours in Grand Central Station. There was food nearby but I'd have saved so much money if I'd brought snacks!


P.S. Love the Ms. Sweeney on the chalkboard! ;)

Kaitlan.Olivia said...

haha this was a great blog! Gonna have to remember these tips when I take my trip to Wilmington, NC in about a week. Thanks for the awesome tips!! :)


Anonymous said...

I love traveling so much and I agreed to all that you said. The first thing I always prefer when I'm going to travel is my ipod & my cellphone coz I'm going crazy if there's no music on my ears during the long hours of travel. Lol! and next all your tips... And last but not the least are medicines and first aid kit just in case of emergency, which I think you forgot to mention. :)

Thanks for sharing Amber! You really made me happy when you decided to start up this blog. Wish you can share your experiences and stories about your traveling too. :)xoxo


Haleyjames29 said...

awesome blog entry amber!! so funny and so true! great advices !!

for your next trip come to France :)

Big kisses !

Sladjana said...

I totally agree with you about snacks and music. Didn`t know about rollin` clothes! Smart! I always need more space for shoes!
Enjoy your trip! xo