Monday, August 1, 2011

Music Monday

Some people have rhythm. Some people have drums to prove it. Such is the case for another one of my favorite musicians: Joe Mengis.

This fine fellow was another Everly player at our Corn Palace show last August.  After searching high and low, I was given Joe's number. Not long into our phone conversation, I was asking him if he was available to play with us. He is one of the most hard working drummers I think I've ever seen, and it showed during our first rehearsal. There is nothing like showing up to a rehearsal where everyone knows their music as if they've been playing it for a month. And like Annie, there is an incredible humility inside of Joe. I cannot express how amazing it is to work with people who are not only incredibly talented, but walk through life with honest humility. (Humility is one of the most important things we can possess. It opens doors, fosters relationships, and paves the road for healing when we need it.)

One of the things that impress me most about Joe is the attention he pays to tone. I've played with a lot of drummers in my lifetime, and I've never seen a drummer do what Joe does. It's so subtle but makes a world of difference. It is no wonder to me that he plays with so many acts in this neck of the woods! This guy is simply an excellent rhythm maker.

Now, while we were incredibly lucky to snag Joe when we did, it behooves me to share with you his regular gig so you can hear for yourselves how incredible his beats are. The name of the band is Climber.

If you like Radiohead, then you must let this music find it's way into your head.  I had the privilege of seeing them live at their CD release party last October and let me telllll you, these guys are INCREDIMAZING! These guys are local to the Portland, OR area, but that doesn't mean you can't hop over to their website and purchase their won't regret it, I tell you! It is a perfect blend of rhythm, melody, and warped sounds that tickle your ears. They recently got to open for AWOLNATION at Portland's Crystal Ballroom, and are working on another studio album to release to all of us anxious listeners. Please get your little ears over to some listening mechanism and enjoy them for yourself! 

Happy listening! And thank you Joe, for your passion and skill!

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