Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday

A couple of years ago, I had the unfortunate experience of having my guitar stolen. I had left it in the trunk of the car and when I came out to leave, the car had been broken into and my precious treasure was removed from my care. Clearly, it was precious enough for me to leave in a vehicle for a few hours instead of taking it home before doing anything else... *sarcastic stare* The truth is, I loved that guitar. I loved it because it was the first really nice guitar I had ever owned. My dad had bought it for me somewhere around my 18th birthday. I recorded my first album with it. I spent hours discovering new songs with it. I lead many a worship service with it (both for crowds & just by myself). I was devastated to lose it. But, in the end. It was just a guitar. I couldn't mourn the loss of such a treasure forever, I simply went on to discover a new one.

The first came by way of a company called Taylor Guitars. Great company. Great guitars. The second came by a brand that had a familiarity about them. I went to one of the local music shops here in the Pacific Northwest and asked the clerk to help me replace one of the best guitars I had ever played. He empathized with me and then lead me to the acoustic guitar section. He pointed out models similar to what I had, and then a couple of different models from a couple of different companies. He then led me to a private room to test them out, see which ones spoke to me. For real. I love this about shopping for instruments, because there is a sort of bond you need to have with the one you take home. It's kind of like shopping for a pet. Only you don't have to clean up it's poop. Much better than a pet. :)

Anyway, I wasn't impressed with the similar models. I couldn't quite connect. Then he brought in a couple of BreedLove guitars. I had a similar experience as I had with my precious Taylor all those years ago. I felt it. This was where I needed to be looking. The clerk then told me that the maker of BreedLove used to be a part of the Taylor family and branched off to make his own guitars. I knew there was something about this brand that felt like home! And so, I found a new beloved in this creative blend of wood, space, and strings. In fact, you can see it featured on an episode of One Tree Hill, when Haley does the concert series in season 7. (If you look close enough in that episode, you'll see Joy's husband Michael, her brother in law Luke, and myself as her "bandmates.") You'll notice during our (EVERLY's) song "Girl In The Moon" that the guitar Joy is playing, is indeed my BreedLove guitar.

And so, for this Music Monday, I decided that I would share a little "Ode To My Beloved Guitar." Enjoy!

Ode To My Beloved Guitar

You came to replace another I loved
It's true that you traveled from Heaven above

You were bred with the maker of my previous pawn
Your life was directed to meet mine with awe

I don't mind your buzzing or sometimes your creeks
It's simple to fix with a couple of tweaks

Your color, your poise, rewrites history's noise
Into beautiful songs and elegant ploys

Never forget that a team we two make
It was destiny's plan not fate's sad mistake

Happy Monday! And Thank you, BreedLove for making incredible guitars!!!!!


Zara_Lusty said...

Hi amber

That was such a fun a d heart felt entry to read :)

Haleyjames29 said...

Hey Amber ! great blog entry :) i love to hear more about your past and your life it's great to get to know you better! i loved the pet part by the way really maked me laugh :)) and the lyrics are good you sould make a real song with it :)

Big kisses

Chantelle.xoxo said...

Thanks so much for sharing this Amber! It was a really interesting read, its great to find out more about you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber!

Thanks for sharing your stories about your guitar. I wondering, how long you mourned when you lose your precious guitar? I can relate to that experienced and it's not really easy to move on if there's a thing that loss that you really treasured a lot. It seem you killed too. But the moral lesson of this entry: Loss can be painful, but it can open the door to new and even better experiences. Thanks for helping me realizing that. xoxo