Friday, September 2, 2011

Feature Friday - One Way To Save A Life

"I'll take care of your orphans. Your widows can depend on me." Jeremiah 49:11.

I once sat next to a woman on a flight who had taken in her grandson because his father had disappeared long before his birth, and his mother was unfortunately hooked on drugs and incapable of taking care of herself, much less a child. This woman had shared with me the difficulties of caring for a child who has never known the comfort of his mothers arms, or the encouragement of his father's words. Children well loved grow into adults who love well.
It broke my heart to listen to this woman who was loving so well give an account of all the instances where she could do nothing more than watch those whom she loved run away from her gift. Yet, she still loved. She took on the role of guardian to her grandson and gave him all that she could. He may have been orphaned by his parents, but he was able to connect the pieces of his DNA by the mother who loved and nurtured his mother. Many people don't get that opportunity. There are children orphaned by an innumerable amount of circumstances; death, addictions, abandonment, war, even economics have created a chasm between many parents and their children all throughout the world. There are also a great number of those who have felt the tug on their heart to give those children a loving home for them to have the chance to turn into adults who love well. In doing so, these people partner with God to say they will help take care of the orphans and give the widows hands to depend on.

Photo Credit Maria Lamb

 Such is the case with my friends Andrew & Courtney Young.

Photo Credit Richard Lee Jackson
A few years ago, they had felt the tug during an episode of American Idol. (Side note: building in a message to inspire aid through means of entertainment really does work.) They turned that tug into research and ultimately a move towards adoption. I've had the privilege of helping them raise money this last year on several occasions, including an Adoption Benefit Concert last month with my fellow musical friends Chris Chesbro & Natalie Closner.

Today I want to highlight these incredible people and ask you to consider joining their effort to give someone the opportunity to live as a well loved son/daughter.

Here's a link to their blog: The Young's Adoption Story

I cannot express how much I truly love and appreciate these people. And I must say, they are incredible parents to their three beautiful children. The display of love, patience, discipline, and integrity in them is not something that can simply be feigned. It is authentic and my life has been enriched by it. I can only imagine how much they'll be able to enrich the life of the child that ends up in their care.

Thank you, Andrew & Courtney, for not just being open to, but being a part of saving a life!


Melissa said...

I think it's great what your friends are doing and I love this new Feature Friday addition to your blog.

Completely not in keeping with the subject, but how do you get your posts to show 'read more' and not the complete blog post?

Melissa said...

Singing 'Love Can Build A Bridge' if I didn't already think you were awesome, I would know. I LOVE that song by The Judd's. River of Time is pretty good too.

Haleyjames29 said...

Hey Amber :) what a beautiful story and amazingly told :) with your words we can totally feel the love you have for your friends and how much you appreciate them :) makes me want to know them too lol
Thanks for sharing that with us !

Big kisses

SamCovie said...

You wright so eloquently and with such humbled words. Everytime I read your blog I end up smiling at one point. :) Keep it up missy!