Thursday, September 1, 2011

It Happened Upon This Morning's Entry

Ahhh, the randomness that exists within us all...

Here is some of the randomness working within my brain. Please, feel free to share yours.

Happy day to you!


Raelynn said...

your brain works like mine.
i heart you, MUCH!

bérengère said...

I LOVE what you wrote about "raining men"!! I always think of men falling down from the sky!! ;)
And it was even weirder when, as a french, I was learning English and heard this song for the first time...

About the term "raining cats & dogs" I thought it was weird & funny when I learnt it in high school!! In french we translate it with an expression with "a cow" in it..
so I guess the real question is why do we put animals in those expressions??

and YES, all my comments under your post are about "raining"... what does that mean about me? ;)