Friday, March 16, 2012

What's The What


Haleyjames29 said...

hiiii Amber !!! your video is awesome and very funny ! i had a great time watching it and i'm looking forward for your new music ! i'm gonna subscribe to your youtube channel like right now :)) can't wait to hear you sing and some Everly music too!!

Emeline OTH Fan said...

Hello Mrs Sweeney !
Your video is really awesome, really cool and funny ;)
I hear your new album Somethin' Special and I find it totally fabulous ! The songs are really great, and I love the accoustic music ! Just accoustic, it's different from others songs and I LOVE that !
I think my favorite it's "What's missong" , I always have this song on my mind and I sing it all the time ! For example at school I was like "what's missing-iinngg , what's missing-iinngg " haha and my friend told me "What are you singing ?" and I answered "What's missing by Amber Sweeney, I'm crazy about this song ! " , haha ;)
Really all your song are amazing, I also love Beauty and Mysterious and all the others songs ;)
This album is really amazing and I have to say that I totally re-discover your voice ! And wow , you've got a wonderful voice, in some songs I was like " No it's not Amber Sweeney, it's Adele ! ", haha. I never see your voice like that, and it's really really beautiful and amazing to hear !
Well, I hope to meet you one day in concert maybe you'll come in my country in France ;)
I wish you all the best in your carrer with your incredible music !
Love you, much love from France
Xoxo, Emeline
@FanBJoyGaleotti on Twitter

Anonymous said...

I've missed your craziness and creative ideas, Amber. Thank you in advance. Can't to here your songs and new songs of Everly. More power and God bless!