Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Coffee Talk

Why, hello there! How are you? What are ya havin' to drink this morning? What? It's not morning? How long have I been in this cave?!

That may be quite the exaggeration of feeling, but it might be true that my focus has been amiss with regard to this here blog. Why is that? Well, that is the exciting news I'm about to share!

Many of you already know this, but theambersweeney.com has grown up into a full blown website! I'm so proud! Not only that, but I've been working with the very talented, Gabe Harvison, on some demos that are going to turn into a 4 SONG EP which will be released in a couple short months! :) You can hear a sample, (or maybe you've already heard it and LOVE IT) of one of those songs on my all-growed-up-website. It's called Hit & Run.

I'm also working on a couple of videos, new merchandise, have a couple upcoming shows, and will be playing a heck of a lot more places through the rest of the year, so make sure to sign up for my email list so you can be a part of it all! (the email sign up link is just to the right...you'll even get a free download of an oldie but goodie!)

I hope you are all finding yourselves well and happy! This year may be filled with hard work, but it will be one of the most profitable we have all had if we work it well!

Many blessings!


1 comment:

Joshua said...

Congratulations on the new website and on the EP Amber! That's awesome! You're going to do great. I can't wait to catch up sometime. Hope all is well!