Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Super Human Reality

You know that part of an action movie where you’re almost certain that the hero isn’t going to make it, but then you remember it’s a movie and the heroes never die, so you sit back in awe as you watch them do the unimaginable? Sometimes I wish that were true of real life. The best part of imagining real-life-super-human moments is discovering that we’ve all had many super human moments, we just didn’t realize how ordinary they are.

Another way to see this is that often times we look for those “mountain top” experiences in life. What if we live on the mountain top? It’s less exciting when we live there. It becomes normal. We no longer feel the euphoria of reaching the unreachable. Jim Gaffigan jokes about people who are ripped at the gym being done and needing to leave now. It’s a funny observation, and sort of true. True that they accomplished their goal...unless now their goal is to make those of us just starting give up before trying...ha! In all seriousness though, there is a benefit to maintaining and learning how to live life on the mountain tops as much as in the valleys.

The point, however, here is how to tell the difference between those super human, mountain top moments, and the steps taken in the journey to experience those. We can’t live in either all the time. What do I mean? Well, look at planning a wedding. The big moment where you stand before your lover and your friends and declare to each other that there will never be anyone else who will take the place of each other, and that Love will be the fire in your hearts together for the rest of your lives--that moment comes with a great deal of mundane, ordinary, and sometimes boring details and planning. There are numerous little steps that need to be taken along the way -- steps that make it seem like the day will never arrive. What kind of cake to get? How many people to invite? How to invite them? Where? When? What song to walk down the aisle to? The questions seem endless as do the days leading up to the big day. If we are not careful to see each day’s ration of beauty, we will miss out on the little miracles in all of those seemingly ordinary details. There’s potential to miss a special moment between you and your betrothed or with your best friend if you only recount the stress of planning. Perhaps there were some super human moments in overcoming potentially challenging discussions with family members or the wedding planner. Maybe there was a moment when it looked like things were going to fall to pieces and somehow you made it through. How do we find the miraculous in every moment? We look for it.

I firmly believe this is why Jesus talked so much about being childlike and why there is such an emphasis on living life with a grateful heart. If we are focusing on all the negative or challenging things in life we will miss the moments that make each day special. We will eventually loose our ability to wonder and to imagine. It will feel like the world is taking advantage of us and we will no longer have anything to give to it. On the other hand, if we are looking, eyes wide open, for the little miracles and the super human moments, we’ll feel as strong in the valleys of life as much as we do on the mountain tops. Suddenly, we’ll see the little gifts -- a free coffee, a special note from your mother, a moment where you catch your beloved’s eye across the room -- and we’ll find heaven in them. I believe it’s then that we’ll be able to see when we’ve just had a super human moment, where we’ve overcome the things that threatened to steel our joy, our happiness, our freedom, or our lives. This is one of the most challenging fights we’ll engage in throughout our lives. There will be days where it seems like we’re losing, but I truly believe it is a battle worth fighting. We have the ability to see the good, the extraordinary, and the miraculous if we choose to see it. I, for one, would like to fight to live in a world where I can see not only my super human moments, but the super human moments of those around me as well. I hope you would like to join me.

Take care of your hearts & ears.


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anonymous said...

I could not agree more ma'am!! I actually wrote something similar in my team true beauty spotlight. There is such beauty in what to some can seem ordinary moments, such beauty in everything, if you can just see it. I wrote,,,

'Look upon yourself with your childs eyes. I am so blessed that I am one of the incredibly few adults to have never lost their childs eyes. Children, do not judge. They do not see negativity all around them. They are always kind without hesitation. They find joy everywhere. They see beauty in everything and have curiousity in everything. Most children start to lose their childs vision around the age of 4 or so. By the time they are adults, they have lost it almost in its entirety. I, am one of the blessed few to still have it, and in all its full glory. If only more people could reconnect with their ability to find joy all around them. To delight in that little bit of breeze. To relish playing for the fun of it. To laugh without the fear of looking stupid. To go full pelt at life knowing, now, is for the living. If only people could view themselves with their childs eyes, they would know they are beauty incarnate.
People seem to spend their time saying 'I'll be happy When,,,' leading to 'I get a new job', 'I find love which will make me whole', 'when the weekend comes', 'I have money to spend', etc etc. Why don't people enjoy the right now. My most favourite days are nothing days, quiet days. This brings such contentment to me. I wish more people could see the same way.
Can I sneak one last thing in? I know you said one last thing, but it is important for the soul for you to break a rule or two once in a while!
Gratitude is one of the biggest blessings. For me, i feel eternally blessed for being so grateful for being able to love those around me, and for being in love with my religion. But it is also very worthwhile, to stop, even just once or twice a day, and appreciate the little blessings around you. The way the light falls, the quiet in the distance. Enjoy the drink you are sipping, the breeze on your face, people-watching in your lunch break. It is amazing how, if done regularly, if you can take just 20seconds to appreciate the little wonders, the little every day miracles, you will find you hold so much more peace inside of you, and in turn, how over time your smile will glow. And will no longer be the fake smile so many of us are practiced at.'
thank you ms sweeney for bringing this to attention. And for simply being you.
Much love
Alison x x
God bless
Ps when are you announcing the winner of your fan/streetteam name?