Thursday, November 8, 2012

Contest Winnings!

Remember back when I ran that contest for best dressed at my last show? You don’t???? Before you go on, click here, sign up for my email list (you get a free download of an oldie but goodie) and then come back to read the rest of this.

So, the contest. The person who showed up with the classiest and sassiest fashion to my October 20 show won an autographed headshot, a high five, and a feature on my blog here.

Meet Tina.

She is truly one of the classiest and sassiest ladies I have had the privilege of meeting. She is so full of life and personality and from what I can tell, she has a heart of gold. (Her friends have all verified it!) This woman is one to be inspired by, I believe. She is compassionate, successful, sincere, and super stylish! Thank you, Tina, for bringing the happy-heartedness and fashion sense that was needed that night! I look forward to more nights with you around! And CONGRATULATIONS!

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