Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas + Hands = Crafty Christmas

For the last 11 years, I have had the opportunity to make at least one person a Christmas gift and...I. Love. It.

I never saw myself as a crafty person. I don’t like to sew, knit, or scrapbook, and according to the 12 year old inside of me, those are the only kinds of crafts that exist. Dear 12 year old Amber, let me show you a few things...

I’ve discovered that there are ways to make some of the most unique and useful (or simply non-useful-but-will-end-up-on-a-shelf-or-wall-or-even-in-a-drawer) gifts out of items you probably have buried in a box in your attic--or even in your sock drawer! So, I thought I’d share a few ideas for those of you who are looking to give something special without taking out a second mortgage to do so.

• Personalized Mugs-
    I see this all over the internet, and you can probably buy some via a wonderful entrepreneur on, but they’re easy enough to do and would make great stocking stuffers! Buy mugs from your local dollar store and create away with either chalkboard paint, or sharpies! Take your pick. Here’s a few links to sites who can instruct you better than I can:
-Wit & Whistle
-The Sweetest Occasion

• DIY Coasters-
    Have some extra scrabble pieces? How about extra wrapping/craft paper? Photos? There’s a few ways to do these, but they all involve a fun and personal touch and minimal effort. Here’s a few sites to show you how to help people protect their furniture and think of you at the same time:
- Intimate Weddings
- Mod Podge Rocks

• Stuffed Sock Bears-
    This one breaks my “I don’t like sewing” code, but it’s super cute! Take an old sock and turn it into a stuffed bear! Great gift for kids. Here’s how to do it: The Meta Picture

• Grandma/Mom’s Recipe Book-
    Take your mom or grandma or aunt’s recipes and put them together in a book. You can even add personal photos to go with all or a few of the recipes! There are sites like or even Walgreens that will make the books for you.  You just have to upload the info. This could become a special treasure you even pass down from generation to generation.

If you’re feeling a bit inspired to search for more idea, I suggest taking a peak at Pinterest and getting lost a bit in the DIY & Crafts section. There are so many great and simple things to make that you may spend next year making gifts instead of buying them!

Enjoy your Crafty Christmas Countdown! And feel free to post any of your special crafts to share with the rest of us!



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