Friday, January 25, 2013

Feature Friday - Meet The Rhoads'

I love where I live. It’s full of beauty, peace, and quirkiness. I also love supporting all that is local in my world.

Welcome to Feature Fridays.

Today’s feature goes to a good friend of mine and an incredible artist and designer:

Nathan Roads - Studio 513.

Nathan is truly an incredible artist. His use of colors and shapes inspire, but it’s the emotion he captures in each piece that grabs not only your eyes but your heart! His work ranges from paintings, prints, and live paintings to graphic design. He really is a unique and one of a kind artist!

Not only is he incredible with his craft, but he is incredible in his life. Seven years ago, I had the privilege of meeting him the week he was getting ready to marry my long time friend, Nicki. She had bragged about his artistic abilities, but more than that she bragged about his heart, his passion for life, and his desire to inspire people. It’s rare to meet someone who can see things with such detail and clarity and then reproduce it as Nathan does, again, not only in his craft but as a person, a husband, and a father.

The Rhoads have recently packed up their little family and traveled away from everything they’ve ever known in southern California to make their home in Portland, Oregon. I can’t think of two people more fitted for this quirky and incredibly artistic community. I don’t think it will be long before people begin to take note of what Nathan has to offer with his work, and it is my firm belief that he and his family will become the people to know in Portland.

I’m posting some of my favorite pieces from Nathan’s website below. The best part is, YOU CAN OWN THESE ITEMS! So, make sure to check out his site and support this incredible artist! Plus, keep an eye out for those special shows where he’ll be joining me to paint live during my set!

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