Friday, March 29, 2013

Feature Friday - Specialized Mastering

I love working with great people. This recommendation by my friends Gabe Harvison and Levi Warren couldn’t have been a better one to make!

Specialized Mastering

I had the great honor and privilege of working with Mr. Dana J. White at Specialized Mastering in Portland, OR. It had been a very long time since I was last in a mastering session, and I was thrilled to get to sit in on the process for The Starting Line.
I corresponded with Dana via email at first and was excited to meet and work with him based on our short back and forths. We scheduled a time for a Thursday at 10:00am. When I arrived at his home, which is where is mastering studio is located (can I just say I do love that so many of us can work out of homes these days!) I was greeted by both him and his lovely wife, Candice. We chatted for a little bit before beginning, just getting to know each other. They graciously offered me coffee (gotta love that) and we went to work on the songs. Dana carefully worked through each song, proving that he was a master at mastering (haha) and in between I was able to visit with his wife some and talk about her organic farming and herbs for combatting allergies. After a few hours it was lunch time, and they graciously made me a DELICIOUS grilled cheese and shared some of their specially made spicy pickles. It was so peaceful and fun! We talked about wine and restaurants and the great things all around Portland. These guys are truly wonderful people through and through. The session went longer than we had all planned because we were all enjoying each other so much. By the end, I had an INCREDIBLE finished product, of which I am so thrilled for you all to hear. And I so look forward to getting to visit and work with them again! I give the highest recommendation I could possibly give to anyone looking to get an album mastered, from anywhere you are in the world. You must, must MUST check out Specialized Mastering!

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