Friday, March 22, 2013

Feature Friday

Red Fred Productions

I had the great privilege of doing a photo shoot with the ever lovely, Jessica Clark, of Red Fred Productions a couple weeks ago. This girl is fabulous!

We had talked about doing a shoot for a while and I’m so glad we did! She is the one behind the lense that captured the cover shot for my upcoming EP The Starting Line.

She is also the one who captured some shots at a fundraiser I was privileged to participate in last November.

Now, some people don’t like much direction when they’re having their photo taken, but I actually do better with more direction. Jessica was a true director here! I loved it! She is as concerned with making the photos look good as I was looking good for the photos. She knew what she was looking for and made me feel so very comfortable throughout the shoot. She knew the perfect spot to go too, which is rich with history -- history she is well acquainted with because her husbands family were among the first to settle in that region.

We met in Sauvie Island, OR on the side of a road near a farm. It’s one of her favorite places to shoot, she said. I was grateful to have been able to borrow my friend Rick’s car for the day to use in the shoot! What a beautiful BMW Z4 that is...back to the shoot. It happened to be pouring rain before my best friend and I met up with Jessica. It was a little worrisome but sometimes you go hoping for the best! I was so grateful that it let up long enough for us to get some GREAT shots!

It was fun to joke a bit as cars and bikers drove/rode by, and in less than an hour, we had captured all that could be captured that day and went off to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

I knew what I’d get back would be pretty amazing, and I definitely was not in the least bit disappointed!

If you’re looking for a great photographer to do some shoots with, I highly recommend
Red Fred Productions!

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