Monday, March 25, 2013

Music Monday - BEFORE THE SHOW

A lot goes into putting on a show. Of course, I won’t divulge all the fun little secrets, because that’s part of the beauty of a LOOKS effortless -- and it should!

A great show starts with great music, and that means rehearsals. Back in the garage band days, I would spend hours each week honing and tightening my parts while other band members did the same. It was painstaking, but it made us sound INCREDIMAZING!

Of course, before you get to rehearsals, there’s a bit of developing that has to happen. You have to have the arrangements for your songs and a good set list (which I have been known to throw out two songs into the show...). After all of this is in place, you can work rehearsals like a well worn playbook!

The key to most of this is also knowing where you’re going to be playing. There’s a lot to think ahead about, like sound systems, lighting, staging, etc. We all know what it’s like to be in a big time arena watching our favorite bands, but consider a lot of smaller places don’t have the sound equipment, or a sound engineer, to make you sound fabulous. This is where your booking agent/manager step in and make sure to discover what’s needed. Once you know what the environment is, then you can get ready to fill the place with the kind of vibe and tone you’ve been hammering out in rehearsals. *Note that heavy metal does not bode well in cafe’s or at’s important to play to the venue, so knowing what kind of show you have to put on will help you determine what venue’s to play!

Then there’s the flashy part of it all, and that is your wardrobe and set design. It’s always fun to communicate with the band and do more than just wear jeans and t-shirts. Color coordination and jewelry are always fun! So are suspenders and ties/bow ties for guys!

And let’s not forget about the merch, which btw, APRIL 16 2013 is the release date for my new EP The Starting Line! You'll be able to buy it online or at shows! Yahoo!

So, back to’ve got to get your price lists together, take an inventory, and make sure you have any other staging items you need to make your merch pop.

Finally, it’s showtime. You’ve sound checked, you’re all rehearsed, everything is in place, and it’s time to have a great time with everyone who showed up!

It’s a lot of work, but it’s so worth it when we all gather and have a kick-ass night!

Don’t forget to check out my shows page to find out when I’m playing next.

Until Next Time,

Take care of your hearts & ears!

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