Thursday, March 28, 2013

Throw Back Thursday - Film Cameras

I saw a meme recently that showed a variety of pictures we would have never taken with a film camera. A 24 roll of film was just too expensive to take pictures of things like: • food • shoes • the In N Out sign • the giant bug that lives in the corner of your room...

It was funny. ‘Cause it’s true. I actually took photography back in high school and really enjoyed it! I often miss the richness a film camera has, but then I remember that I have photoshop and digital is just way more convenient and all the nostalgia for film cameras goes out the window.

At any rate, I’ve always loved photography, so this is my throw back to film cameras. Thank you for keeping us accountable to not taking the worst pictures known to man kind with your 24 to 36 film exposure counts. We do miss you sometimes. You taught us that lighting and apertures and f-stops are all so important to capturing an image onto a special material that we later transferred onto glossy paper...perhaps I will make a pin hole camera and take some pics in your honor soon. Then again, that sounds like a lot of work.

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