Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Topic Tuesday - Are We A Generation of Idiots?

We’ve all seen that funny meme about Albert Einsteins quote, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

It is a harsh statement, but is there truth to it? I am glued to my phone/computer...I readily admit that I am one of those who really enjoys the benefit of having technology at my finger tips no matter where I am -- but what has it cost me?

We now have commercials revealing the devastating truths about texting and driving, much like the Truth campaigns that ran about the consequences of smoking. We even have all kinds of hands free laws in place because it’s such a problem. We now have signs and ads telling us to turn off or silence our mobile devices when in line at grocery stores, or at beginnings of movies. My question though, is are we a ruder world because of technology?

There are an innumerable amount of studies circulating about the impact our mobile devices and social networking are having on our world, but I can only speak for what I have experienced in my immediate world.

I think that what Mr. Einstein was saying wasn’t about rudeness, it was about intelligence. It might be true that people are less likely to use critical thinking skills and the brilliance of their own minds to discover solutions to problems, or simply ask questions about how to make advances in the world, but my question is rooted in whether or not we are becoming less considerate of others around us.

We’ve heard of the catfishing, and the Teo Manti’s, and the online bullying, but where is that all coming from? Why do we feel so safe to hide behind a screen? Are we becoming unhealthily attached to these people and characters that we will never have a real life experience with? We (myself included) weigh in on things that we have no direct impact on, nor will we ever, but for some reason we post and rant about these things on our facebooks, blogs, and twitters. One person’s opinion or frustrated rant will usually spark a rude and angry back and forth, where insults are free to fly without consequence or consideration for the person on the other end of the line. It’s baffling. I’ve seen people who are upstanding and caring Christians make fools out of people, and made degrading statements to strangers because they felt their comment on a virtual posting was “stupid.” I cannot fathom that this makes us a healthier world.

It is a question that burdens our society, but I fear that no one is willing to make sacrifices to answer it in a hopeful and inspiring way. Can we be considerate of others in a virtual space? Can we be kind to one another when there is no reward for being so? Are we willing to let our character shine, even in the virtual space, so that when we are engaging in the real world it will be consistent? I hope so.

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