Friday, April 12, 2013

Feature Friday - CD Baby

No one has ever been kinder to the independent artist than CD Baby. These guys work hard to give musicians the resources they need to be successful doing what they love. It is no wonder why they are the best in the business.

In 2000, I released an independent album. Most people thought I was slightly mad to think that you could make a career out of being an independent artist. There were no sites to upload your music to, no distributors who were helping you sell your music without a major label’s backing, and no chance barring a complete miracle that anyone would ever make a living as a singer/songwriter.

Then things started changing. I had some friends pass my music along to some folks at Warner Brothers Music. Nothing seemed to come from that angle. I had my music played on a local Christian radio station...the same station that played another artist around my age. The world now knows her as Katy Perry. Of course, I didn’t find this out until Myspace blew open the doors on this new emerging culture of social media. The former program director reached out to me to tell me of all the things he did. I had no idea.

13 years later, things have changed completely and the unknowns can now have a chance at breaking past the damns built by executives who are looking for the next cash cow and let music lovers find artists who tell stories that connect the dots in that ever-idealistic way that all artists believe should be the eternal reality. I believe that CD Baby is the forerunner for this change.

I have been an artist with CD Baby since 2008 and I love them. I couldn’t say enough wonderful things about them. I love that they are forward thinking and adamant in making a career in music not only seem possible, but they actually help make it possible! They are always quick to respond, they make sure you get the latest info on how other artists are making it work with their DIY blog, and they’re expanding to make sure you’re getting placed in films, television, and other new art forms that are always looking for a good song to enhance their project! They are more than a distribution company who kicks-ass, they are innovators. Without CD Baby, I can guarantee you that we would miss out on some of the best music being produced in the world.

My hat is off to you, CD Baby, and I am and will forever be grateful for the company that you are!

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