Friday, April 26, 2013

Feature Friday - Moulton Falls Winery

Many people say that Northern California is wine country, but those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest know the truth. We live in the real wine country! :)

This week’s feature goes to one on my favorite local wineries - Moulton Falls Winery

MFW is set back in the hills of southwest Washington in a small town called Yacolt. It is surrounded by a never ending rolling landscape of trees, rivers, and wetlands. It’s simply gorgeous. The owners, Joe & Susan, have built a beautiful winery out of a barn on a piece of land close to one of the areas oldest train tracks. This is truly a beautiful building, with a pleasant blend of oak wood and warm tones throughout the facility. The main feature being a handcrafted bar that Joe and his brothers built.

Apart from having had the privilege of playing at the facility a few times in the last year, this is truly a wonderful place that fits exactly the kind of ambiance you look for when  drinking wine - Peaceful, surrounded by the beauty of nature, and filled with a glass full of some of the most delicious wines I’ve tasted thus far. (I really like their Syrah.)

I would feature MFW simply because I find it to be such a wonderful winery, but also because they are working hard to help raise funds to get the steam train up and running again between the cities of Amboy, Yacolt, and Battle Ground, WA. Why is this important? Because you can drink wine on a train...and enjoy the beautiful country between these three cities while you do. I think that is absolutely fabulous.

Why don’t you come out and see for yourself how wonderful Moulton Falls Winery is? I’ll even have a glass of wine with you, if you do. How about this Saturday from 5-7pm?

I’ll be waiting.

See you there.

Until next time,

Take care of your hearts & ears!

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