Friday, April 5, 2013

Feature Friday - One From Many

Feature Friday - One From Many

I posted/tweeted/annoyed-the-crap-out-of-everyone about a song I got to sing backup on for my friends One From Many. It got picked up to be played in an independent film called Lies That I Told My Little Sister.

Today’s feature Friday is dedicated to OFM.

I have known lead singer, Drew, for a few years now. I met him through some mutual friends and being that we are both passionate about music and making it, we had a good base to build a friendship. When I met him, he was about a year into the process of recording an album after taking a bit of a break from music. What I appreciate most about Drew is that he sees this as a business as much as he does a way to share art and life through this creative medium. He’s meticulous in his craft, which is something I have great respect for.

Drew asked if I’d be interested in singing back-up on a couple of songs, which seemed like a fun idea, so I said heck yes. We set up the time for me to join him and his producer Rob Daiker in the studio and lay down the background vocals to add those special texture pieces to a couple of songs. I brought my bff and manager, Jessicca Garcia, to the session to make it that much more fun.

The first song we worked on was called Shape of Your Heart. It sounded pretty amazing already and it wasn’t completely finished or mixed yet. Rob played a scratch of what he wanted me to track and we did a couple of takes and quickly moved onto the next song, which was Tears We All Cry Alone.

Drew told me how special this song was to him and they talked through what they wanted me to add. It’s not often that you get to walk into a studio and they tell you to go nuts. We did a few takes very straight and uniform so that they could make it sound “choir like,” and then they instructed me to let loose and make it sound like I was late to choir practice and perhaps a little tipsy. I love living in a creative world. That was probably the best direction I’ve ever received working on a project. And it worked. I was given a fun little nickname after that take. It may not have stuck, but it was pretty funny nonetheless.

Just a few days ago, I was given the final product of OFM’s album which features both of those songs. It sounds amazing. I am so proud of these guys for their hard work and the effort, patience, and dedication they’ve put into making it as great as it is. I cannot wait for you all to hear it! And keep an eye out for a Music Monday Album Review.

OFM is going to do some cool things, I believe, and these guys are working their little tooshies off to make good on all they’ve been diligently working on to share with all of you. Their live shows will be right in line with this characteristic. You’ll hear and see the quality, and be amazed by the genuineness of these guys.

Do check them out for yourselves. You’ll be glad you did! Plus, we may do some shows together in the future...then you’ll know the music so you can sing along! That’s always fun!

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Take care of your hearts and ears!

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