Monday, April 1, 2013

Music Monday - Gabe Harvison

Producing is no easy feat to accomplish. Not only do you have to be skilled in music, but you also have to be skilled in recording. It requires having both a technical and creative mind. This makes for a unique breed of people I’ve found. They make me laugh  as much as they push me to be the artist they know I can be.

Gabe Harvison fits this bill well! He is an incredible an engineer, and has been fun to work with as a producer. I wonder if I push him as much as he pushes me to think outside our norms and reach for something new and is possible I think.

What I loved about our sessions is how effortless he makes recording seem. Often times I would roll in around 9:30 or 10:00 am and we would get right to work, as he would have already set up mics, run cables, and pulled up sessions in Protools. What I love about working with a producer is that they are listening to more than just the performance. They are listening to the tones, melodies, and rhythms and making sure they all match the feel and heart of the songs. They can also process through with you if something sounds too dark or just isn’t working with the song and revamp it to take it from potential to greatness--and they’re often not afraid to tell you if a take was terrible! Ha!

What I enjoyed most about Gabe was his generosity and his commitment to his family. It was fun seeing his kids come with him, or listening to him talk to them or his wife on the phone during breaks. It blessed me to see that he puts what should be first, first. Then we’d go back to work and make some good noise.

It is my sincere hope that he is able to continue to work as a producer/engineer with artists beyond me, because he is a very talented one himself! A big THANK YOU to you, Gabe Harvison for your skills and your friendship!

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