Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tip-Off Thursday - The Perfect Brew

That’s right. A whole new category to compete for the Thursday topic spot! Sometimes, you need a little competition to inspire growth... ha!

This Thursday’s special tip is dedicated to: Coffee - of course!

Once upon a time, I may have worked for the house hold name of coffee companies. If you thought Foldgers, then you definitely are not a coffee drinker and should heretofore forfeit further rights to answer coffee related questions.

Back to coffee making tips...

I’ve “heard” it said before that when measuring out coffee to make a perfect brew, the proportions should be as follows: 20% grounds to 80% water. Now, I like a stronger brew, so I tend to make this more like 25%... or so I would have you believe. ;)

You can use this tip whether making your coffee in a drip machine, french press, or other specialty device. Of course, if you are one of those who use a Kureg machine, like many of my friends, I will follow the rule of thumb that I broke earlier in this blog, and refrain from saying anything if it is not nice. (I say all of this with a grin on my face)

At any rate. Give it a shot and feel free to post how it worked out for you below in the comments section!

Until next time,

Take care of your hearts & ears!

~ Listen With Your Heart ~

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