Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Release

I can't thank you all enough for being a part of The Starting Line release party. Whether you were here with us in Vancouver, or joining from afar, it was truly a magnificent event!

I want to announce the winners of the StageIt portion of the show, but before I do, it is imperative to express some gratitude for some very specific key players who helped bring not only the EP to life, but also for inspiring the growth from here on out.

Let me start with my best friend and manager, Jessicca Garcia. Many of you are getting to know her now, but you should know she is one of the major driving forces behind making this music get made and  heard. Jessicca, Thank you. For everything.

Along with Jessicca are my incredible friends and business management team, Q3Team. They, along with Jessicca, have been some of my best friends for the last 12 years. They believe in, support, and push me to be the best version of me I can be in all things, as well as in the business of creating music. No one can do this without an incredible team behind them, and I must say, I have one of the best teams in the world! To Jeff, Jeanine, & Mike: Thank you doesn't seem enough.

Now, let me continue my gooshiness and say with a full heart and a deep gratitude, THANK YOU to my folks, my brother, and my family. These guys have always supported me. Many people have heard the age old story of parents who thought their kids were crazy to chase such a wild and uncertain dream, but that is not true in this case. My parents have always, ALWAYS, supported me. They never once said I should try a different career. They invested in lessons, instruments, supported me at shows, and they still do. Their pride and excitement over these accomplishments means more than words could ever express. Thank you!

With Deb from Dublin Down
I also need to give a special shout out to Deb from Dublin Down for letting us host the release at the pub! Such a great little setting! We had so much fun!

 And another special thanks to my band for the night: Daniel Sweatt, Jean-Pierre Garau, Andrew Mofford, & Tyler Wells. Such a great, GREAT, sounding band! Thank you! 
JP, Andrew, Tyler, Daniel

And now, the list of people I also could not have done this without (in no particular order): Candice E. Jackson, Patricia Campbell, Gabe Harivson, Dana J. White (& Candace), Jean-Pierre Garau, Andrew Mofford, Christopher Chesbro, Brennan Clark, Jessica Clark, Joe Mengis, Music World, my Wild Branch Family, The Quades, Galeotti's, & Jackson's, Graham & Theresa Cooke, The Russell's, The Carlon's, The Rhoads's, The Maas's, The Garcia's/Suarez's/Linares's, and of course, ALL OF THE FANS!

Okay. Now for the winners! 

  • The top tipper goes to Terri Garcia-Linares! 

  • Second highest tipper goes to "SammyChowder"! 

  • The most random ticket amount goes to Jill & Kate! 

Thank you guys all so much for watching, and tipping, and being a part of  

Here's some pics from both the venue and your homes! :)

See you next time!




Jessicca Garcia said...

Great blog Amber! Thank you... I appreciate working with someone who sees the value in people!! It makes it fun & just a big party :)

alison bell said...

So many congratulations ma'am.! Wish i could have seen the release party., but love the album. So proud of you and your crew.! Much love alison bell God bless