Thursday, May 9, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Dedicated To My Mom

Today’s Throwback Thursday is all about my mom. You can think about your moms in a few minutes when you’re done reading this, because for the next few minutes I want to steal your focus for a bit and brag about my mom, Rae.

She lives up to her name. She shines beautiful ray’s of light and color wherever she goes. She was all of twenty years old when she got to see my fresh little face for the first time. Apparently, for a first child, I was in quite the rush to break out and see the world from a different viewpoint. A couple of years after that, I had to start sharing the world with my younger brother. We managed sharing a room together until I was 9 years old. I’d like to think that enough hospital visits and the truly fabulous mess of toys and clothes inspired the exodus from Long Beach, CA to Ventura County, but in reality it wasn’t our craziness but the opportunity that comes with parents moving up and on in their careers. Now back to my mother...

I have a lot of fun memories of my mom. She loved making cookies and some kind of apricot and chocolate upside down cake...She was super cool in her black and hot pink rollerblades and washed out jean jacket, and her hair was always pretty spectacular. For as long as I can remember she always had her hand in the world of make-up, whether it was Arbonne, Mary Kay, or eventually becoming a licensed esthetician - she always enjoyed playing with people’s skin. She would sing with us, talk in silly voices with us, and showed us how to be a lover of animals. At one point, we had two dogs, four cats, a rabbit, a snake, and a lizard.

One of my absolute favorite memories of my mom, was learning how to harmonize. It took a while for me to develop my ear enough as a kid to distinguish the difference between melody and harmony. We sat on her bed one night, singing one of the songs we often sang at church. She taught me the harmony part and I rehearsed it a few times to make sure I got it down. I tried to sing along with her, but I would quickly find myself singing the melody with her, so, she had me plug my ears and sing my part while she sang the melody. I have no idea how it sounded, but something about that moment helped open me up to hearing the differences between the various melodies and harmonies, and began the journey to me controlling the tone that was coming out of my mouth.

She taught me how to be patient when teaching others. She taught me that a good eyebrow shape makes your eyes pop appropriately. She always encouraged me to follow my dream with music. She introduced me to coffee. Oh! How amazing that is! Most importantly, she showed me how to explore and establish my faith. I am still so grateful for her as she brags to all her friends about her kids, and for all the little ways she shows us her love. She truly is a generous and incredible woman and I am so grateful that God picked her to be my mom!

Happy Mom’s Week to you, mom!

Until next time,

Take care of your hearts & ears

~Listen With Your Heart~

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She certainly is a beautiful woman and mother!!!