Friday, June 28, 2013

Feature Friday - Michele Van Kleef

Michele is an incredibly talented singer songwriter from the great pacific northwest. Click on her picture to be whisked away to her website to take a listen to her incredimazingness while I brag about this chick for a minute.

Why am I introducing you to her? Well, for one, she's a great artist and needs to be heard. The second reason is because the two of us are teaming up to put on a kick-ass show at Malibu's in downtown Vancouver, WA on June 29.

I came across Michele's music while checking out the stats on reverbnation in my area a few months back. She was listed as number one in the singer songwriter category. My best friend (and manager), Jessicca, thought it would be fun to go and check out her music one night, and so we jumped in the car and took a drive to Aurora, OR. Her show was at a small winery in the quaint little town, but it was packed with family, friends, and fans. It was a seemingly perfect environment to connect. I actually got to hear the quality of her music at a local chain known as McMenamins. She's got a Joni Mitchell-like quality to her voice and she matches that quality well with her original songs.

While her resume is impressive (her previous band, Calobo, toured with the likes of Sarah Mclachlan & Jethro Tull), her future seems to be exciting and worth subscribing to now, before she ventures into the next stratosphere of music everyone knows. In other words, you'll want to get in on the "I saw them when" train, because she is definitely going places you will only virtually be able to travel.

So, give her a listen and make sure to block out your night on June 29 to come out and hang out with us as we rock downtown Vancouver, WA!

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Take care of your hearts & ears.

~Listen With Your Heart ~

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