Thursday, June 13, 2013

Throw Back Thursday - Word To Your Papas!

Last month we had a special Throwback to Mom’s, this month it’s a special throwback to Dad’s.

Now, I have two men to talk about here. One with whose genetics helped make my existence something other than divine, and the other who has helped me value my mother in my adulthood the way she deserves to be valued.

Let’s start with my dad. His classmates deemed him a communist, though I’m not sure if that was ironic or not. How do I know this? I have his senior yearbook. The documentation is riveting... My grandpa says his band was “pretty damn good, for a garage band--and loud! You could hear them down the road practicing their songs.” He says he never understood why they didn’t go somewhere with their music. Untimely hopes for a group living in a small town in North Dakota, I imagine. I digress, my dad taught me to ride a bike. He taught me to play the guitar. He taught me to be proud of my heritage, and if the kids in the schoolyard were giving me a bad time, well, I should just punch them in the nose. I did this once. In first grade. The school was none too pleased with me taking my dad’s advice so seriously. In essence, I suppose he taught me how to not back down when pressed, even if the practice was not kept within himself. He spent an hour discussing songwriting with a few years ago. He was trying to express what it is he loves about music. It made me understand how important it was to him, and perhaps helps me understand a little more why it is so important to me. He taught me how to be introspective. I am forever grateful for this. Dad, thank you.

Now, onto my other dad. Randy. I was almost 17 when I met Randy. He and my mom were a product of the world wide web connecting people IRL. What Randy showed me (by example in how he treats my mom) is that it’s okay to let a man take care of you. He taught me how to push on when I want to give up. He showed me that emotions, while important, are not there to control us. He showed me that my mother is wonderful and intelligent. He believes in her. He adores her. He makes her happy. What is more is he believes in me. He has always believed that I could be as great as I wanted to be. He showed me how to enjoy football (which is still so hard!). He showed me that caring for your home is about caring for yourself. He is full of class and humility. Some of my favorite moments with Randy have been in witnessing the grace he extends to my dad’s family. There is not even an ounce of negativity in him towards them. I hope, that I am able to find a man as good, and as honest, and as vigilant in his dedication towards the things and people he loves like Randy. Thank you, Randy, especially for loving my mom the way she deserves to be loved!

So, here’s to the fathers! Thank you, for stepping into your courage, despite being scared out of your wits, and partnering with our mothers to make into the best versions of us that we can be! Hats off to you, gentlemen!

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Anonymous said...

I love your gratitude and appreciation here. Such blessed things to have/feel!
I haven't always been close with my father.
He was a full on office working dad, who went out before i got up and got home after i was in bed.
He took work to do when he took me to the hairdressers.
But when my mum died, he had to take on being my carer.
Man, those first few years were beyond tough. Almost broke me.
But then, he changed. I fully believe this was some heavenly intervention.
I am so proud of t man he has turned into. He may sometimes be frustrating and loud, but he is dedicated, kind, selfless and funny.
He lets me live. Without him (or my mum when she was my only carer) i wouldn't still be alive, literally.
I feel blessed to have had t parents i have, albeit not at the same time.
much love to you and your family ma'am.
Alison bell
God bless x x