Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tip-Off Thursday - Turning Off Your Brain

It's been an hour. You have an early morning. And you're still wide awake. Your body is in that beautiful relaxed state, ready to rest for the next 7-9 hours, but your brain has a different plan.

You: Brain. Stop. Seriously.
Brain: No. Remember that time you said that totally embarrassing thing to that really cute guy?
You: Yes. Ugh. I hate it when I do that!
Brain: I know. It's like that other time that your high school crush saw the note to your best friend about how hot he is, and how you want to have his babies. Remember?
You: Seriously? Ugh. Great I just spent 10 years getting that out of my mind. Thanks.
Brain: 10 years? Wow. I wonder how he's doing? Do you think he's married? Maybe he'd be willing to take you up on your offer now...speaking of offers....did you get that report done at work?
You: Crap. I left it on my desk. Great. At least it's not due until tomorrow.
Brain: Well, did you remember to add the sales forecast? Oh! Speaking of forecast, do you know what you're wearing tomorrow? Is it supposed to rain? How's your family doing? Oh! Tomorrow's your brother's birthday. Did you wrap his gift?

At this point, you know you're in trouble. It's like a sick game your brain wants to play just to see what it can get away with. Well, I learned a few little tricks that help.

  • Make a list of all the things you need to remember tomorrow. If it's on paper, you don't need to mull it over in your head.
  • Journal. Really. If you had a good day, bad day, embarrassing day, write it down. Not only will it be fun to read years from now, but it will help you grapple with the emotions you're feeling about it so that you can "deal with it" away from your sleep time. 
  • Pray/Do calming stretches before bed.  This is extremely helpful. It puts you in that "clear your mind space," and releases any tension your body might be hanging onto from the day. 
  • Count backwards from 300. I just read an article about this. It's the art of distracting your mind with extreme focus. They said to count backwards in a method using every other number. You could also make a mental list of all the things you're grateful for. 
Basically, get calm, write it down, stretch it out, and shut it down knowing that you and everything in your world is under control!

If you have any other tips or tricks that have worked for you, feel free to leave them in the comment section here to share!

Until next time,
Take care of your hearts & ears.

~Listen With Your Heart~

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alison bell said...

As an insomniac all my life due to a severe neurological illness, who learnt sleep hypnosis, and uses magnet therapy to abate my night terrors, this is something i used to deal with a lot, and still do sometimes.
I find concentrating on one thing, one scenario (like sitting on an empty beach), one song, helps. And be strong about it, without getting hard on yourself when hours have passed.
I think it's just getting into the knack of catching yourself in the act as quickly as possible, which is super hard in itself.
I often simply say to myself *i understand how iv come to thinking about this, and i acknowledge my feelings, but i chose to step into love, and peace. Everything else can wait.*
I heard once that if you can't sleep, get up walk around, then go back to bed. I don't do this as i know for me personally it would wake my mind more due to my circumstances, but i think it would help some.
Also, drink water before bed, and don't eat a full mean too late, its bad for your health, will promote fat and toxins to cumulate, and activate your brain and body.
Lastly, know that ur not alone, that others have this too. And, that God is always awake, right by you all.
Thanks again for another great topic.
Much love
Alison bell
God bless x x