Friday, July 19, 2013

Feature Friday - Jessicca The Best

I like to brag about my friends. Who doesn’t? Most people think they have the best friends in the world. I want to say you’re wrong, but truth is, when you find that group of people that click with you, whose heart beats at a similar rhythm, then you cannot be wrong. You have found the best friends you can find.

This week’s feature goes to my best friend, and manager, Jessicca.

I met Jessicca what seems like a lifetime ago, in a little city called Burbank. She came down from her home in Oregon to visit one of her cousins one weekend. It was quite a full weekend. My friend, and at the time bandmate, Jonathan Jackson had invited a bunch of us to an event he was participating in, followed the next day by a performance at the infamous Viper Room in Hollywood. Jessicca and I didn’t talk much then. Nor did we spend a great deal of time together when she packed up her whole world into a honda accord and moved it all the way down to Burbank, California a little more than a month later. We saw each other frequently but never made a solid connection. About a year and a half after I made the adventurous change of scenery from Los Angeles to Battle Ground, WA, Jessicca had found her way back as well. My friends Rick & Jeanine had offered her a job at the medical clinic they own, and by this time, we had all become a bit like a family. She pondered the offer for a while and then felt that divinely inspired nudge to make the trek back to life in the Northwest. Over the next two years, we went from being neighbors to roommates. I spent 3 years developing my friendship with Jessicca. She became more like a genuine sister to me than just my friend.

There was a thin wall that separated our worlds for a long time. That was as entertaining as it was annoying at times. You could hear just about everything that was happening on the other side. Sometimes I would keep her up late at night with my guitar playing, or by talking loudly on the phone, and most mornings I would wake to the array of noises from a hair dryer to the occasional bang of her stereo hitting the wall after sliding off of the back of her TV. We laughed together, we prayed together, we cried together, and we watched pieces of our histories and lives get healed through the divinely inspired friendship we had been given.

Jessicca has been at just about every single show I’ve played in the last ten years. She came along because that’s what best friends do. She loved being around, supporting, and offering whatever help she could. Last year, it felt like that should become a permanent thing, so I officially hired her as my manager. What I love about Jessicca is her ability to look at a dream that seems impossible and say, why not? She dives in and starts moving, even if she doesn’t have all the answers; she knows they’ll come in good time. Even more, I’ve never seen someone as selfless as Jessicca. When she commits to serve, she is the first to show up and the last to leave. She sees the peripherals and the people that need to be connected with and she connects them, makes them feel wanted, welcome, and known, and makes it seem like everything is always under control. She works hard at her day job, and gives her heart and efforts in between to help move this giant machine forward that I’ve built with her and my other friends. I may be the first artist she’s representing, but I doubt I’ll be the last. She definitely has the skill and the ability to make a hefty mark in an industry that needs a person like her in it.

It takes a team to follow our dreams. Even more than a team, it takes friendships. I am humbled and honored that my best friend is able to work with me, and me with her, to move forward in inspiring others through art, music, and words. I raise my glass to Jessicca, and say thank you, Lord, for a friend as amazing as she is!

If you want to see how amazing she is for yourselves, you can follow her on Twitter: @tdreams98 Or catch her on Facebook.

Until next time,

Take care of your hearts & ears!

~Listen With Your Heart~

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alison bell said...

Oh ladies, so sweet! Inspiring and heartening, that such genuine dependable friendship is not only real, but flowering.
Much love to you both
Alison bell
God bless x x