Friday, July 12, 2013

Feature Friday - Yacolt Mayor Jeff Carothers

I’m sure many of you who are not familiar with the southwest Washington area are wondering where this place called Yacolt is, and why have I talked so much about it recently? Well, it’s a small town just north of where I live and I keep talking about it because of their Mayor. Mayor Jeff Carothers and I got in touch a little over a year ago. He had heard about me through a mutual friend and had recommended I go and check out a local winery that just opened called, Moulton Falls Winery. He said that he had talked to the owners about me and that I should consider looking them up as a venue to play at. This was following his invitation for me to play at Yacolt’s 4th of July celebration in 2012. Since then, I’ve been able to partner with Moulton Falls many times, and was honored to have been asked back to headline this year’s 4th of July celebration in Yacolt - all because of Mayor Carothers.

Often times, we hear so much negative chatter about politicians. They seem self-interested, defiant, and lacking in genuine concern for their citizens. This is what the town of Yacolt was facing on a regular basis until Mayor Carothers decided he didn’t want to simply complain about the way his towns council was functioning. He stepped up and ran a campaign that brought an entirely new face to the towns politics. I am impressed at the way he supports the local businesses within his community, and he still maintains his company to support his family. I recently witnessed him support Joe & Susan, who own Moulton Falls Winery, at a public county commissioners meeting, and I was impressed that he would add his voice to an issue that threatened the growth of his town, and he actually defended the voices within his community. This is the reason I wanted to feature Mayor Jeff Carothers. He is one of the good, honest, and sincere community service members who decided to do more than complain on a blog or on facebook. He took ownership of his town and is bringing unity & growth to it in a refreshing way.

Thank you, Mayor, for allowing me the privilege of supporting your town in my own way, and for opening new doors for myself and other artists, business owners, and agricultural geniuses to expand into your backyard.  Even more, thank you for helping to restore my faith in local community leaders!

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