Monday, July 15, 2013

Music Monday - Summer Camping Music

Your tent is pitched, your fire started, food cooking, it’s quiet, peaceful, and you’ve got Usher’s You Got It Bad stuck in your heard. What’s worse? Oh yeah. You forgot to pack your guitar or ukulele for campfire song time. You can try to accapella it out or you can bust out your iPod and portable speaker set that you remembered to pack.

So what do you put on your mix if you’re planning ahead? Definitely no Usher. Sorry, buddy, you’re amazing, but after singing that chorus for days, I kind of want to punch your sexy abs (for a few good reasons too *wink-wink*).

Everyone has different musical tastes. I love a variety of music...but when it comes to summertime-chillin’-in-the-woods, my rule of thumb is to keep it peppy, but not so poppy.

My mix includes the following artists:

Josh Garrells
Sheryl Crow
Tom Petty
Mindy Smith
Miranda Lambert
Bonnie Raitt
The Black Keys
Jill & Kate
Mumford & Sons
The Lumineers

These all mix well together, so I put them in a giant playlist and hit shuffle. Even better is that you can have everyone put a mix together of their favorite tunes and each person gets a chance to have their mix play, especially when wonderfully catchy tunes overtake your mental stability.

Feel free to share what your perfect camping mix would include!

Until next time,

Take care of your hearts & ears.

~Listen With Your Heart~

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alison bell said...

Cheesy and predictable answer, but an honest one, , , yours!
I also love a varied mix, now-a-days my health dominates my listening abilities, so its mostly quieter, less thumpy music.
Im really shy about sharing my taste in things, music and films/tv included, but ill try here, knowing u do not judge a bit!
I listen to a lot of praise music, mostly Sarah groves, Chris tomlin, and a certain ms Amber sweeney with her wild branch crew!
Ok, lets see., , I love your old everly music, and joy lenzs music, Minnie driver, norah Jones, enation, johnny hartman, tom waits, missy higgins, grace potter and the nocturnals, wakeywakey, mazzy star, dido, billie holiday, corrine Bailey rae, Kristin mcclement (<- a friend of mine), Kt tunstall, lucie silvas, Natalie Imbruglia, pink Floyd, Sara haze, Sarah mclachlan, snow patrol, coldplay, the carpenters, trespassers William, Damien rice, Eva cassidy, and others.
much love
Alison bell
God bless x x