Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tip-Off Thursday - Keeping Your Wallet Cool Through The Summer

Summertime brings more than just sun and warmth, it brings fun activities with friends and family, vacations, barbecues, festivals, and concerts!

All these incredimazing things can really dry out our wallets fast, if we’re not careful. So how can we still make the most of summer and stay on our budget track?

Here’s a few things to do that help keep costs down and still enjoy the time with your friends along with the variety of outdoor activities that help make summer as fun as it is:


- Go in a group of four and split the cost of food/site.
- Plan meals that involve a lot of the same foods, so you can buy meats in bulk to reduce cost.
- Buy your wood ahead of time...that stuff gets crazy expensive at the campsites.
- Pick places close to home, so you don’t spend half your paycheck on gas and if you can, carpool!

Go for a day hike:

- Fill up your water bottles
- Fill a backpack with snacks from your cupboard
- Charge your smartphone so you can take pics and videos
- Use a search engine to find out what plants are indigenous to your area and see if you can come up

  with a quarky story to tell about your adventure using pictures you take along the trail.

Find a lake or swimming hole:

See the above list and have fun!

Read A Book In A Group:

- Pick someone’s backyard, layout a bunch of blankets, pillows, lawn chairs
- Have everyone bring a lunch/dinner item & their favorite beverage to share
- Set a limit of how many pages each person gets to read out loud and enjoy!

Take a train ride to the next town and back:

- Train tickets are rather cheap these days, so you can buy a round trip ticket for next to nothing!
- Pack snacks, water, beverages, treats.
- Bring your smartphone/camera for pics and videos and follow a similar ideal as the day hike.
  Find out the history of your town and the next town, and try to tell the story with pictures...or tell
  your own wacky story!

Go On A Scavenger Hunt In Your Town/City

- Use a search engine to look up the history of your town/city.
- Put together a scavenger hunt and take pictures of your self at as many historical sites as you can.
- Put it together in a blog/scrapbook and share it with friends and family.

The point is to be creative. Think outside the box. You can still have barbecues, and beach trips, and that awesome vacation you’ve been saving for, but you don’t have to suffer on the other weekends where you may not have the extra funds to spend. Find out what other things your friends like. Maybe it’s as simple as trading off houses for movie nights, maybe it’s as complicated as reading a book in a group. Just know that you can have fun without having to go into debt.

Have any ideas to share? Feel free to do so below! Or feel free to share pics of your trying out some of these things! :)

Until Next Time,

Take care of your hearts & ears!

~Listen With Your Heart~

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