Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Topic Tuesday - Why I Love The U.S.

With everything that has been going on in this country lately, I thought it would be best to declare what I love about it, rather than engage in the complaints about our current shortcomings.

I love that we have free speech.

I can sing, say, blog, teach, pretty much whatever I want. It doesn’t mean it will go unchallenged, but I won’t lose my life for it. That is a privilege too many of us take for granted.

I love that I can pursue my dreams.

Whether it’s creative, administrative, political, religious, scientific, or whatever else makes my heart happy, I can pursue it. I can envelop my whole world with it.

I love that I can own land.

There were many women would sacrificed for me to be able to do this. I am so grateful that I can own land. I can stake my claim and pass on to my loved ones what I work hard for.

I love that I can visit any state, any time, without needing a passport to do so.

Seriously, this country is amazing that way. There is so much culture to explore and experience and still call them “brothers in arms.” They are not simply neighbors, they are part of the fast complexity of people that make up an entire nation. Amazing.

I love that I can vote.

Not only do I love this because of the women’s suffrage that afforded me this right, I love it because I actually get a say in how I want my city, state, and country run.

I love that I can live out my faith in public.

This is something I feel is too often taken for granted. We have absolutely no idea what genuine persecution of faith is. We are able to practice whatever we want, however we want. It is an unbelievably delicate and privileged thing to be able to do. And I am genuinely grateful for it.

I love that I was educated.

Many countries have educational systems now, but I am grateful that I was able to learn how to do more than just survive. I can read, write, calculate, evaluate, and much more all because this country worked hard to provide a system that allows us to the foundations of critical skills through education. That has not always been the case when looking at other nations, nor when looking back historically. I am very, very grateful for this.

Those are just a few things I love about the U.S. We are a nation who has been tried in the fire and come out with extreme value. I pray that we continue on this path. I pray that people will remember how amazing it is to be a part of it. I pray that instead of a slew of negativity and hatred for politics that so many don’t have a full comprehension of, that we remember that we are a people of kindness, of love, and of compassion. We are afforded freedoms that so many people do not have, and are able to pursue the things that make us happy. I pray we pause, and take careful inventory of all the gifts we have, and remember that those are the things worth fighting for. It was not so long ago, that our ancestors paved a path for us to be where we are. Through blood, sweat, and tears they built a future for us that they could only imagine. Let us not take that for granted.

Happy Independence Week!

Until next time,

Take care of your hearts & ears!

~Listen With Your Heart~

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