Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Guess Who's Back?

Well, hello blogging world. It’s been a while. Oh how I’ve missed you.

Alright. So here’s how this is gonna go. I have a bevy of blogs to share with all of you, and now it’s time to let you in on some of the flow.

Music Mondays -

These blogs will feature any and everything about music. Could be about changing strings, could be about which brand of microphones I love, could be about seasonal music mixes to make for your drives to and from work/school. Basically, if it has to do with music, this is the day the post will be made.

Topic Tuesdays -

Some of these will be silly. Some of these will be serious. Some of these will be down right ridiculous. And please, feel free to email me with a topic you’d like to read about. I’d love to ponder the plausibility of musing through words about some of the things that make your mind go hmmm.

Thursdays - Throw Backs & Tips -

These days will be reserved for the tips, tricks, and fun little trips down memory lane. It could be a recipe from pinterest, it could be a trick my Grandmother taught me about food presentation, or it could be one of those photos that makes you giggle and pee ever so slightly.

Feature Fridays -

These shall heretofore be listed as my favorites. This will be the day dedicated to bragging about things, people, and businesses I come across and feel deserve a public showing. It might be a friend, it might be an artists, it might be a winery or restaurant, it may even be your next congressman...probably not that last one, but who knows?! At any rate, it will be something worth featuring, I can promise you that! All of which will most definitely be subjective, of course. Even Gwynyth Paltrow’s blog is subjective to her own tastes. *insert shit eating grin*

And as always, feel free to comment or email me at info@theambersweeney.com. Be forewarned, if they’re nasty comments, I shall remove them and block you from further commenting. Why? Because no one likes a party pooper.

Take care of each other, and listen with your heart!


~Listen With Your Heart~

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