Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tipsy Thursday - Keeping The Sinuses Clear

With all of the first world problems plaguing us today, I must say that I find congestion to be among the worst. That may sound a bit insensitive, but do read into the humor.

Congestion is manageable for most folks, unless you're a man...apparently, the man cold is the worst of the first world problems...I've digressed...

So, congestion is manageable. It's nearly unavoidable, especially if you're like me. I have a fair number of allergies, so I do my best to make sure my nasal passages stay free and clear of any unnecessary irritation, lest I wish to be stricken with a migraine or a serious sinus's ridiculous. This prompted me to spend a good amount of time looking into ways to boost my immune system and prevent congestion at all costs.

Here are some things I've found that have been successful for me:
*I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. These are just things that I do for myself. If you have a serious illness or issue, please consult your physician before doing ANY of these things.

Eucalyptus Oil In The Shower (or bath) - about 6 - 10 drops

It's refreshing, soothing, and both the steam and this lovely fragrance open up your airways.
*I use this on a regular basis regardless of congestion, but should you find yourself congested, do this a couple times a day using boiling water and the oil.  Put the water & essential oil in a bowl, throw a towel over your head and breath in the steam for about 10 minutes. And please don't be silly and burn yourself...Use caution and discretion.

Netti Pot Rinse

This is definitely not a definition of a good time, but if you suffer from allergies the way I do, then you know the benefit of making sure that pollen and such aren't making a secret home in your nasal passages. Most Netti Pots come with instructions for making your own saline/salt rinse, or you can buy premixed saline packages at your grocery store. Just follow the instructions, and commence with the awkward flow of water out of your nose and mouth.
*Make sure to use purified water - NOT YOUR TAP WATER. There are dangerous microbes and creatures that lurk in even the cleanest of taps. Those things can get stuck in your passages and cause some serious issues. 

Drink lots, and lots, and lots, but not too much, water.

By not too much, I mean, no more than the recommended daily amount, but most of us don't even come close to drinking as much fluid as our bodies need to be hydrated properly. This means that the places where moisture is essential in protecting us from diseases and maybe even zombie bites, are compromised. This is especially true if we're old enough to enjoy adult beverages...and yes, even coffee. Anything that dehydrates us contributes to a number of potential issues, but the one I care most about right now is the ability to clearly breathe through my nose. So, bottoms up, SeƱor Agua!

If all else fails and you're miserable, don't try to tough it out...go get a decongestant. 

Seriously. If you've tried everything, and you know it's just a bug, take advantage of the fact that we live in a world where decongestants exist. Follow the instructions, be brave, and enjoy breathing through the rest of your ailments.

REMEMBER, if it lasts for a couple of weeks, that's a sign of something serious. Go see your doctor right away! There are all kinds of preventative measures to keep us healthy, but sometimes there's something else going on. No need to freak out about it, but no need to think nothing of it either.

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~Listen With Your Heart~

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