Monday, November 18, 2013

Music Monday - My November Playlist

I’m constantly on the hunt for new music. It’s what I love most about being a part of the Recording Academy now. There is an abundance of music both covered and uncovered that I get to explore. We all hear the fun commercial stuff on the radio, and that’s fantastic too, but there are some great tunes you probably don’t hear on the radio...

So, I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve been listening to lately to give you something to put in your ears, if it’s not already there. Some of these you know well, some of these will be strange at first, but they will grow nicely on you and feed your soul at various times.

India.Arie - Just Do You
I love just about everything this woman does. She always, ALWAYS, finds a way to speak truth and encouragement through her music. This song is a perfect example of her ability to uplift and pump us all up to just do us.

Katy Perry - Roar
My friends nephew loves this song. He’s three. I love it because it’s a song about empowerment. Believe in your voice and use it.

Sheryl Crow - Shotgun
This song is just fun. I heard it first while on tour in September, thanks to my friend Jeff. I happen to love cars, I love driving -- and driving fast -- and I can’t wait to meet that smokin’ guy who will love driving with me!

Josh Garrels - The Resistance
This song is my heart cry. Plus, the guy raps. I love rap. I also love that he’s talking about being real and honest in our faith. Let us not compromise, but let us not be drones, or puppets on a string.

The Civil Wars - Dust to Dust
The blending of these two voices is so pure and haunting. And this song is so soothing to a heart that has been through a barrage emotional wars - a cry to end the loneliness by trusting and loving again.

Aaron & The Spell - Don’t Cry
Lay your burdens down. Be carried and dance it off. Also, listen to that barry sax and let it tickle your soul. So good.

All Sons & Daughters - Brokenness Aside (Album)
This whole album has been healing for me in a season of great challenge in my life. My hope was shattered for a while, and it was hard to imagine getting up again. Vulnerable for a blog, but true and worth sharing. Songs like “Reason To Sing” have helped me see the compassion that has been given to me when I have felt like I have no reason to sing.

Serena Ryder - Stompa
This song was introduced to me by a lovely person. It’s just a fun song. Get up, clap your hands, stomp your feet, and throw your cares off for a bit. It’s so important.

Laura Sullivan - Love’s River (Album)
Here is a fellow NARAS member. This is an instrumental album and it is so peaceful. Sometimes I love just sitting in the room with coffee or tea and just listening to a peaceful set of music. This is a great go to.

Linda Chorney - Finally
And another NARAS member. A great display of musicianship, songwriting, and the importance of communicating love. It’s nice to hit a moment of “finally.”

Tasha Cobbs - Break Every Chain
This woman’s voice is POWERFUL! The song is powerful as well, but it needs a voice like Tasha’s to take it where it needs to go to genuinely break every chain!

Tim Timmons - Let’s Be Beautiful
My friends Jeanine introduced me to Tim Timmons. A man with nearly two first names...haha. Poor guy. I love this song though. I love the idea of deciding to beautiful, both as individuals and specifically a call to the Christian community to open our eyes and get out of our boxes. It’s a great marriage to the Josh Garrels song above.

Lady Antebellum - Just A Kiss
Emotions. So powerful are emotions. When we fall in love, every single one of us have a hard time controlling our emotions. We think, just a kiss, I don’t want to rush it...most of us don’t know how to slow down, stoke the fire so that it will burn as long as it does bright...this captures that feeling. Plus, even at 31, I still get a little gushy when I hear songs like this. It’s like we never really grow up.

Okay...I could make this list days long...I’ll stop here for now. Some of these you know, some of these you’ll love, and even if you hate them, give them a fair listen. You never know what can touch you if you’re open to be touched. ;)


Until next time,

Take care of your hearts and ears.

~Listen With Your Heart~

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