Monday, January 6, 2014

Music Monday - Local Roots

Happy 2014!!!

I haven’t seen you all since last year! (insert pre-recorded studio laughter)

First things first, thank you all for an incredible 2013! You helped make it as incredimazing as it was.

For this very special Music Monday, I feel it appropriate to highlight Robert Richter of KMUZ FM’s radio program, Local Roots Radio.

Robert is not just a radio DJ for the public radio station in the Salem, Oregon area. He is, himself, a musician. He reached out to us (my manager, Jessicca and I) recently, about the Local Roots Radio program and asked if I would like to submit some of my music to be played. Of course! It was such a privilege to be played alongside some very talented musicians from the Pacific Northwest, and I look forward to doing more with the station, however, it is even more spectacular that this program is hosted by a musician. Everyone has their bias, and the machine has its rules, but when a musician hosts a show, they are looking for different qualities when putting their playlists together. This makes it a special honor to be chosen.

I encourage all of you to check out the amazing Robert Richter here: ROBERT RICHTER
His folk/blues/rock is reminiscent of the great Bob Dylan, but with a twist. And wherever you are in the world, support your local artists & businesses. National chains are wonderful and all, but it’s the local folks who make our worlds special.

Here’s to a very merry, musical 2014!

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