Monday, February 24, 2014

Music Monday - Get A Web Life

Dear artists. You. Need. A. Proper. Website. Yes, you do. Nothing says “I don’t care about my career” like relying solely on Facebook or Reverbnation as your main form of web presence.

Here’s why:


It is so important to consider your brand.  What sets you apart? What makes you unique? What are your favorite colors? What images catch your eye? Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, & Reverbnation formats, while helpful in bolstering your web presence over all, are bland and predictable. You cannot customize these sites in a format that tells the story of you. The uniformity might be comforting because it’s less to learn, but it does nothing for setting you apart as the artist that you are. Like it or not, if you wish to have any level of success making and playing music, you have to think like a business person. You are the product. You are giving something to others. Make it count. Make it recognizable. Make it uniquely you.

Creative Control

These are an artists favorite words. This ties in to branding, but it also has to do with being able to direct people to you in a proper way. Social media sites, like facebook & twitter, have specific algorithms that direct traffic to the things they think are important. Unless you’re spending tons of money to create advertisements with them, it’s likely that you, and your music, are getting buried in a corner somewhere, without a hunky Patrick Swayze coming to pull you out of it. You’re also limited in the way your music gets distributed, heard, and sold. You are subject to “the man” if you are relying on these sites, and Mark Zuckerburg seems happy to keep you in that corner.


Social media sites are meant to be about engaging with fans, friends, and real people. Engaging doesn’t mean hounding them for sales. Engaging means sharing funny stories, mindlessly ranting about the weather, and saying hello to your mom. You’re not making any money when you rely on these sites. I know a lot of you say you’re not in it for the money, which will bring me to a special Topic Tuesday, but the truth is, if you want to quit your day jobs, you need to be in it for the money. If you’re playing music as a hobby, stick to open mic nights, but if you’re serious, then you are looking to make a few bucks and give something that makes people feel really good about themselves, and ultimately their investment. Having your own website is the place where you “close the sale.” People are exploring who you are, they’re reading your story, they’re listening to your music, and then, once they’ve become a fan, they BUY your music. Oh! And they also see that you sell other merchandise on your website. Yeah. They buy that too. And tickets to that show you’ll be playing next Saturday in their town.

The point is, if you’re serious about your craft, then it’s important to take this part seriously too. Think of it as your professional wardrobe. If you show up to work, unshowered, and in wrinkled clothes, you are less likely to be taken seriously. If you show up well groomed and fresh faced, you’re more likely to get the respect you are looking for.

Check out for web hosting and design. They have a variety of options for DIY sites, and they can package it altogether with email marketing and more, for $20 a month. 

You. Are. Worth. It.

Until next time,

Take care of your hearts & ears.

~Listen With Your Heart~

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